fredag 17 januari 2014


I bought the new Axis apes, Sturmaffe. I needed some good close combat troops that could kill SSU trash cans so I bought these and a few Zombies.
These are much better casted than the figures that I got with the starter box, which had a lot of mold lines.
The apes are nice sculpts and you can choose between two different head, which I think is excellent. I hope we will get more of that in the future. I did also get two datacards, but the only difference between them was the picture. They missed an opportunity two sell two different units in the same box like GW are doing nowdays (for example Dark Elves Executioners and Black Guards).

So who are best? Axis Zombies or Sturmaffe? They cost almost the same, but are a little bit different. Since I love statistics and probabilities I have made two charts for you so we can see how good they are at destroying targets. I have calculated the probability that a unit of Sturmaffe will destroy there opponents if they use all their weapons.

So how do you read it? Blue line is for Close Combat and Red for range 1-2 from each other.
The first chart says that if the Sturmaffe attacks, with both flammfausts and jackhammers, an enemy soldier with armour 3 and health 3 they will have 62% chance to kill all three enemies!

I will use the statistics for comparing units to each other and understand there strength and weaknesses (or at least start to understand them). :-)

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