onsdag 29 januari 2014

Mr Markus!

After I used the Sturmaffe in the last battles I discovered that they were very brittle. They are hitting their opponents very hard, but they will have problem surviving a round or two after contact with enemy.
So what to do?
Give them a Hero to lead them into battle of course! The only ape hero is Markus. A very good and smart one. Is he worth his cost? I don't know, haven't tried him yet (will do it tomorrow), but I get good vibes from him. The extra health and attacks are of course good, but he does also have the Charge skill! And the Sturmaffe has Fast. Combine them and they will charge from a "long" distance and still hit hard!

What about the miniature? As most I have painted so far it was very nice to paint. No big problems with mold-lines or anything like that.
Final verdict: Must buy for all ape lovers out there!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Cool model and great painting!

  2. Thanks! He is cool! And hopefuly he will bring me Victory! tomorrow.

  3. Nice work! And I can assure you he's worth the points. I never went out of the house without Markus accompanying my apes.