tisdag 7 januari 2014

First unit: Sturmpionieren

The first unit I painted was the Sturmpionieren. I have never been good at painting snow so instead I decided to give them camouflage cloths. After looking around what they used for camouflage pattern I choosed Leibermuster. Much because it was the last one they introduced, and it looked easy enough to paint. :-)

The figures are great sculpts, but there are a few quality problems. Mold lines are not only showing, but they are large and they are not attached in a good way on their bases. They were also very bendy, not a gun was pointing in the right direction, but it was easy to fix. The upper body was not fixed to the lower part of the body, which was good because that made it possible for me to change legs and bodies. The heads are also loose which make it possible to change head if desired.

Maybe not perfect, but I'm happy enough with the result. Except for the bases.
I'm not happy with their bases, I have to do something about them, but I don't know what. Suggestions are welcome.

Did you like/dislike the miniatures? Vote on the left what you think about them (not the painting)!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I am pretty happy with how my bases have turned out.

    I use a mix of broken pieces of Linka bricks (http://www.linkaworld.com/), cat litter and smashed bits of computer interior.

  2. Nice bases Thomas! I think I will copy yours.

    1. Excellent. Searching for "dust" on my blog will get you some more pics, among them of my Hans.