söndag 5 januari 2014

First try - Recon in Force

Our first game was Recon in Force - the first scenario from Victory Bridge.
I played Germans while Tomas played the SSU. We didn't really follow the rules for the size of forces; instead we took approximately 75 points each. I got one small walker and two infantry squads and Tomas one big walker and one infantry squad.

Here is a small battle report. I would be very happy if you would comment on any/all mistakes done by us. This is after all the first time we played the game; I just try to learn the game. We said that we would play nice the two first games, but the third game will see real blood!

Turn 1

During the first round we just advanced forward.
End of turn 1. Yes I'm ashamed of myself because of the unpainted figures and house.

Turn 2
The German walker "Hans" moved out of cover to attack the SSU walker. At that movement Tomas shouted "Reactive Fire" and throw the die. He missed! Instead of getting destroyed Hans shoot and hit! The SSU walker was destroyed!

The remaining SSU infantry jumped into the house for safety, but the German Sturmpionieren did also jump in while shooting at the same time. After firing a few bullets they attacked in close combat and defeated the Frontoviki!

The Germans won!

Mistake 1: A walker cannot move diagonally as Hans did in turn 2! Instead he should have moved to a square to the left. But it would not have changed anything. He would still be able to kill the SSU walker.

Mistake 2: We forgot to place the ammo crates and anti-tank traps on the battlefield for additional cover.

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