onsdag 15 januari 2014

Forward, Men! Victory Bridge scenario 3

This scenario was a catastrophe for me.
I knew as soon I read the scenario description that it would be hard. I was supposed to charge over a bridge with my Germans. They are tough, but can't shoot longer than 4 squares. The SSU on the other hand could shoot 6 squares.
Without any good ideas for a plan, I just tried to charge over the bridge, hoping that any would survive. They didn't. They started dying and the last died when they reached the end of the bridge. Those few brave killed a few of the SSU before they also died.

Tomas started by positioning a tesla cannon i hard cover at the end of the bridge.

Then he did also position a walker there.

And some more troops.

Without anything that could shoot longer than 4 squares I started the charge. The first to fall was the Heavy Laser Grenadiers. That is the fate of those that don't take the sacred paint in the sacred ceremony. If you are not painted you will be sacrificed first!

But the paint didn't make the Ubertot invulnerable. Four out of five died.

And next to die were the Sturmpionieren. Only the flamethrower guy survived.

And he reached the enemy! And killed a SSU Trash Can! A hero at last!

And the last to die was my walker (ok, I know it is a SSU walker, but I had forgotten mine at home so Tomas was kind enough to lend me one).
The carnage was over. There were dead Germans all over the bridge. I wanted revenge!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like you had a fun time even though you lost this game!

    I have the first Dust Tactics starter-set but I've never gotten round to playing or painting it ...

    By the way – the miniatures are very nicely painted, and the Americans in particular are just superb!

  2. Coo Batrep and nice to see so many painted minis too