söndag 5 januari 2014

Starting with Dust Tactics

Two weeks ago Tomas, a gaming buddy of my, called me. We hadn't talked for a while so we talked about games and important stuff like that. He had bought Dust and thought it was a nice game. I had been looking at it and thought why not give it a try?

He had started collection SSU so I choose the Germans. So he gave me Tina and Hyena and der Panzerprinz so I could start somewhere.

I have to say that I was very impressed by the miniatures. Tina and der Panzerprinz were very easy to paint; they have very good details and my girlfriend loved the Tina model! What more could you ask for?

Instead of waiting until the new box is going to be released (who can wait for such a long time?) I went to my local shop and bought the "old" Dust Revised Core Box and Operation Celberus (so we could have a house). Now we could get started!

So far I have painted a few of the models and a few days ago Tomas and I played two scenarios, just to try out the game. It was very fun, especially because I won both games (more about them later)!

Der Panzerprinz!

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