måndag 27 januari 2014

My first house!

I have to confess, I don't like doing terrain. I'm very bad at it. I have tried a few times and always gave up pretty soon. So this is actually the first time I finish anything terrain related.
The house is the one that are included in Operation Cerberus. It can also be bought separately. The difference between them is that the Cerberus house is three stories high, while the separate two.
The house is made up of elements so by combining them in different ways you can build many different shapes and heights.
I started building the first house from the Victory Bridge scenarios. I will next paint up a few more elements so it will be the second and larger house.
The colour Raspberry is very common for house like this in Sweden.

The roof was not included, instead I built it myself. I think it shows very clearly my lack of modeling skills. The inside of all elements was painted light grey.
Here you can see all the elements that were needed to build the house.

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